5 Tips to Growth Hacking Your Personal Brand

Growth Hacking

First coined by entrepreneur Sean Ellis in 2010, a growth hacker is “a person whose true north is growth”. In this post, we outline five growth hacking tactics to help boost your personal brand and, in turn, expand the overall marketing strategy for your app startup.A growth hacker differs from a conventional marketer in the sense that all of their efforts and strategies focus on lasting growth.

The word hacker represents the fact that these tactics for growth are not mainstream or “by the book”. This does not mean they work outside the limitations of the law of course, but this approach to marketing is often unconventional and very creative, bypassing mainstream marketing techniques and promoting huge amounts of growth – often with little to no cost at all!The term “personal brand” refers to the total experience others take from you, the thoughts and ideas they have of you and how they recognise you as a person.Having a good personal brand attached to an app startup and/or enterprise mobile app is a great way to promote consumer loyalty.