Boost Conversion Rates for Mobile Commerce

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The third of total traffic is driven through tablets and smartphones and it keeps increasing. About 15% of the ecommerce sales are from mobile consumers. Making good sales via mobile commerce has a tremendous potential, here are the startegies for you to boost mobile conversion rates:

1. Build it correctly. Do you already have your objectives defined? Optimize your website to match them and user intent. I mean, if you have a web page in order to sell products, make the buying process easy for the users. No more than two clicks to reach anywhere on the site with the search box shown all the time. And, of course, fast checkout with multiple payment options.

2. Features in mind. Full use of available features. Use product videos to help buyers make confident decisions. The click-to-call button, GPS, barcode and QR-code readers can help you to generate sales on mobile devices. Be creative!

3. Email forever.  Capture your customers’ emails which will increase your sales conversions. It doesn’t have to take too long for users to complete the capture form: make it easy with large form fields and buttons (at least 40 pixels). And less typing, please, more options via a drop-down menu.

4. Be local. The majority og the customers want businesses to be situated not further than 5 miles from them Research by Google/Nielsen reveals that almost 70% of mobile consumers want businesses to be located within five miles of their location. Store and product locators on mobile devices, messages and notifications from your app, coupons for in-store shopping are good solutions to boost conversions.

5. Be personal. For instance, send personalized messages to people in your database, it is an opportunity to promote, up-sell, make offers, engage!

6. No excess. Too much content distracts from the central idea. Excessive links, main message below, busy website appearance cannot create a smooth experience for your users. Less is more: less content and links leadto conversions increase.

7. Encourage sharing. Shares on social media serve as a social proof. Videos and pictures lead to more engagement, so facilitate their capture with social sharing buttons placed strategically.


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