What is the Internet of Things?

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You’ve probably heard the term “Internet of Things”, also known as “IoT”, bandied about quite a bit lately. It certainly sounds futuristic, but what does this term really mean? Basically, this is a concept that refers to the interconnectivity of everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive information in new and intuitive ways, both on and off the Web. 

Internet of Things: Examples

Here are some examples of the Internet of Things in action:

a wheelchair that uses biometric devices to monitor blood pressure, sending back information in a constant stream to a database where it can be measured and uploaded to the patient’s doctor
a refrigerator that texts you when you’re running low on milk, butter, or other vital supplies
a smartwatch that leaves you hands-free, able to transmit and receive data in real time
a coffee machine you can program via an app on your mobile device to start making coffee when you walk in the door

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