Why Brands Should Jump on Tumblr for Video Marketing

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You’ve probably heard the old chestnut: a man who had a few too many at the pub is searching for his lost keys on the circle of pavement lit by the streetlight above. A passer-by asks, “Why are you only looking there?” The man answers, “Because that’s where the light is!” YouTube has over a billion unique monthly visitors. Facebook has over 800 million active users visiting each day. The over 250 million active Twitter users send over 500 million Tweets per day. Over 200 million Instagrammers have shared over 20 billion photos. Brands focus their marketing efforts on these sites because “that’s where the light is.”

Like the man in the story, though, they might be missing out by failing to consider other possibilities. Microblogging platform Tumblr has flown under the radar since its sale to Yahoo. The platform doesn’t disclose its user numbers, but speculators analyzing the Yahoo sale pegged the number of monthly actives in the 30 to 50 million range. Those users, though, were drawing 300 million visitors to the platform each month at that time.

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